Rates and Services

To book a fishing trip with Salty Water Fishing Charters and Captain Jimmy Hartley, visit our booking page, call Captain Jimmy at (727) 641-5668 or email Captain Jimmy at SaltyWaterFishingCharters@Gmail.com.

Minimum Fishing Trip :  4 hours  (½ day) – $500

(Includes Up To 2 Anglers)

  • Each additional hour +$100
  • Each additional person +$50 (Up to 6 Anglers Total)
  • Children under 10 are free with 4 paying adults

Non- Fishing Minimum Excursion:  4 hours  (½ day) – $300

Includes Dolphin Watching, Shelling, Island Hopping and Plain Boating!

(Includes 4 Boaters)


  • Each additional person +$25 (Up to 6 Boaters Total)
  • Children under 10 are free with 4 paying adults

Nature Tours

Take a relaxing tour in the Gulf of Mexico. See everything from native birds to dolphins and manatees. Nature Tours are a good way to relax and explore!

Fishing Trips

If you’re looking for some action, a fishing trip may be right up your alley. Reel in all kinds of species of fish native to Florida’s gulf coast!

Island Excursions

Escape the crowds with island excursions. Adventure masses of land full of shells ready to be collected. Go scout or just relax on the beach side!

Build Your Own Trip!

Captain Jimmy Hartley’s overall goal it to make sure your whole family has fun! This means, it is up to you what you want to do. When out on the water, you can decide what to do! Whether it is letting your children explore some islands or you want to all out fish. You can even break it up!


Along with this, if a family member would like to fish while the children want to explore an island , we can make this happen!


An Example of a Custom Trip

If you have a family who all want to have fun, build your trip custom to you and your family!

Here is an example of a family who just wanted to have fun! Whether it’s fishing, or shell collecting on the beach, it was up to them.

The day was spent with the kids roaming a island covered in sea shells while the father stood back on the shore line with Captain Jimmy Hartley and fished to his heart’s content!

There is always a way for a family to have fun. This day is your day, so lets do what you want!